Lake Murray Preferred 

Local Small Businesses 

This page is for members only - on online directory of the files you will need for the network.  Just click on the file you need to download:
In order for each member to maximize their Search Engine Optimization (SEO), here are some things each member should do:
  • On your home page, add a link to your Facebook business page, to increase YOUR SEO 
  • each add an LMP logo on the front page with a link to the LMP website (see logos to the right)
  • each need to add an LMP directory page and link download the directory & LMP facebook Like link
  • each need to add Proud Member logo and PLEASE like FB QR code and/or link to site
  • add your website  link to your email signature and an LMP link or graphic

PLEASE Download and Save our Directory to hand out with your invoices

Contact me with any corrections/updates/changes: